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Tax Planning Solutions

Many individuals and businesses today are paying too much in State and Federal Taxes on wages, investments, or business income without knowing alternatives exist.  Paying too much in taxes is one of the biggest reasons financial goals take longer to achieve. At QCI , we review clients tax filings, wages, and business structures and create a customized tax friendly plan to reduce the impact of taxes. We leverage unique tax savings structures and investments and help diminish the impact of current and future taxes. QCI also provides a full range of accounting solutions such as payroll, accounting, bookkeeping, quarterly estimate tax payment filings, and tax preparation and filings for personal, business, and trusts.

Investment Products & Solutions

Access our proprietary no-commission ETF portfolios and no load low cost I share class mutual fund portfolios so that you can grow your investments faster over time. Each portfolio is customized to meet your exact investment growth needs and retirement income needs. Best of all, we make it automatic with our free dollar cost averaging investment strategy and automatic re-balancing. We make it simple for you to get the most out of your investments by making it automatic, easy and simple.

Investment Research & Investment Education

Because QCI is a Registered Independent Advisor you can be sure that our research and portfolio investments and recommendations are 100% unbiased. Unlike other brokerage firms, QCI has no proprietary investment vehicles or proprietary products to push. QCI is a fee only advisor and will provide you with conflict free advice and conflict free investment management. QCI also provides investors with unbiased third-party research reports and education so that investors can make informed investment decisions.

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Professional Independent, unbiased and conflict free advice. A QCI Advisor is always available by phone and at select office locations to assist you with your Tax & Investment growth and retirement income needs.

We are a group of dedicated Tax and Financial Planners providing attractive investments to individuals and institutional investors nationwide. The success and growth of the firm is attributed to the experience of its founders who began their careers at some of the largest financial services firms in Chicago.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide unique tax savings solutions that are designed to offer clients more than expected tax relief. This mission is accomplished by the creation of a successful financial planning process. Furthermore, innovation and countless hours of research have allowed QCI to develop a methodology capable of delivering optimal capital management. Our objectives are simple and consist of capital accumulation through successful tax planning and financial planning. Feel free to request a no obligation meeting. You may CONTACT US or write to:

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