How to Value The Stock Market & Properly Allocate Investment Capital

Future Earnings, A Key Driver of Index Prices Article by Joshua E. Betancourt, Portfolio Manager Professional investors understand that a major long term driver of stock index prices are the projected future earnings of the index. When earnings decline, as measured over the Trailing Twelve Months (TTM), the index adjusts to reflect current earnings. If […]

2015 3rd Quarter Economic Update, PLus Local Real-Estate Analysis

Greece Bad, USA Good Article By Joshua E. Betancourt – Portfolio Manager, Financial Planner Ahh, the Greece news just does not want to go away… like a house fly in a big house that’s hard to physically locate but the incessant buzzing can still be heard. It seems real business headlines are lacking these days […]

2015 2nd Half of the Year Economic Outlook

Article By Joshua E. Betancourt – Portfolio Manager, Financial Planner The economy continues to expand in the first half of 2015, albeit at a slower pace than the previous 3 years. From September 2014 thru March 2015 the Leading Economic Indicators have increased at a rate of 1.8% versus the prior six month period growth […]

QCI 2014 Second Half Year Outlook

Article By Joshua E. Betancourt – Portfolio Manager With twitter, television and print media cranking out only what is wrong with the world it can be hard not to become obsessed with watching the stocks and bonds gyrations in your portfolio. It is also tempting to think you can outperform everyone else if you can […]

QCI 3rd Quarter Economic Update 2013

QCI 3rd Quarter Economic Update 2013 Article By Joshua E. Betancourt – Portfolio Manager/Financial Planner   The end of the 3rd quarter was very rewarding for QCI clients as our European recovery play provided substantial growth that exceeded expectaionts for the QCI portfolios. Other investments that continued to strengthen were consumer retail and healthcare. These […]

QCI 2nd Quarter Update & 2013 3rd Quarter Forecast

Article By Joshua E. Betancourt – Portfolio Manager/Financial Planner Quantum Capital Investments Portfolio & Market Recap In May, interest rates climbed aggressively and investment grade bonds and US Treasuries bonds were dealt a sound beating. Prior to the selloff, QCI (Quantum Capital Investments) felt that both Treasuries and Investment grade corporates did not offer the […]

Why over 85% of Americans will Retire in Poverty… And How to Avoid a Miserable Retirement

Article By John Henek – Financial Planner Quantum Capital Investments Today we live in a world where we are 100% accountable for the lifestyle we lead and the impact on our financial condition 10 years from now. Your financial well-being is almost entirely based on your habits, and the outlook is very bleak. Back in […]

Do Not Panic!! January to Mid February Market Outlook

Do not panic! The stock market reached new highs and it may not be over but just the beginning. While important data slowly becomes available to Quantum Capital Investments (QCI), we diligently and methodically have been pouring over economic reports and various articles.  We look at a multitude of financial and currency markets both from […]

In Service Withdrawals From Your 401k, Why They Might Make A Big Retirement Difference

By John Henek, VP Investments What a difference a month makes.  Last month we were talking about the great rally in stocks.  This month the markets are taking a breather due to some poor earnings news and general fear regarding the slowdowns in Europe, and China. There is a seasonal tendency during the fall […]

Focus on Fees: How Much are You Really Paying Your Managers?

By: John Henek, VP Investments As we sit in our offices today, the market has rallied hard due to “Helicopter Ben” Bernanke’s pledge to air-drop a flood of money into our economy.  Look forward to more of the stock market rally that started in 2009.  While this makes us feel a lot better to […]