John Henek, VP Investments

John Henek VP InvestmentsJohn Henek is currently VP of Investments for Quantum Capital Investments. Previously Mr. Henek was Founder and President of the Online Trading Academy/Chicago, a premier school for teaching trading skills in the areas of Futures, Options, Stocks and Currencies. During his tenure at Online Trading Academy, Mr. Henek received hundreds of hours of professional trading education in addition to working with many top Chicago-area traders. Mr. Henek holds a Series 3 certification and actively trades stocks, options and futures for his own accounts.

Prior to owning the trading school, Mr. Henek had a 12-year career in Corporate Education and Marketing with the Thomson Corporation (now Thomson Rueters) and a 8-year career with IBM in Technology Education. Mr. Henek holds a Masters degreeĀ & Bachelors degree from University of Illinois in Champaign, IL.