Investing Methodology Overview

Quantum Capital Investments Inc. (QCI) has a disciplined portfolio strategy that addresses risk management and favorable reward to achieve above average returns.

Every day the markets provide investors with unlimited opportunities to reach investment objectives. However, navigating through the marketplace without a strategy can be frustrating and difficult for even the most adept investor. At QCI, we provide investors with sound portfolio strategies concentrating primarily on risk management while attempting to achieve above average returns. We know how hard clients work for their money so when we created our portfolio strategies we gave as much weight to the risk factors as we did to the returns. Of course there is a risk of loss in trading commodity futures and options.

Investing Strategy

Through the use of quantitative analysis, our well-researched investment process uses a consistent approach whose fundamental goal is to find market tendencies that do not change over time. The models we use are skilled at locating trading opportunities that have favorable reward to risk characteristics. Our investments reflect our trading models’ assessment of the market itself, not a trader’s emotional response.

Investing Discipline

We believe that an investment strategy can only be as successful as the discipline of the manager to adhere to its requirements in the face of market adversity. Unlike other traders, whose decisions may be subject to behavioral biases, QCI follows a disciplined investment process that through rigorous research has shown to have a positive expectation. By quantifying the circumstances under which key investment decisions are made, our methodology offers investors a rational approach to markets, unaffected by judgmental bias.