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“Because we are an independent insurance broker, we have the ability to work with multiple carriers, always ensuring your going to get the best value at the best price. Working with multiple carriers allows us to provide you with the policy that is best fitted for your situation and at the best price. We Guarantee it! This Guarantee demonstrates the we are working in your best interests and not the interests of the insurance companies or the medical community.”

Why should you purchase life insurance from our agency?

QCI helps you thru the process of getting information from the leading life insurance companies. Best of all, our quick life estimator will help you determine the exact amount if Life Insurance you need to replace income and to provide for immediate needs when you die, such as providing for college tuition, paying off your mortgage, and creating a nest egg for your spouse. We ask you simple question and provide with with simple anwers. We can help you decide on what kind of life insurance is best for you, such as whole life, variable life, term, or a customized combination to meet your exact needs. ,

It has never been easier to speak to one of our experienced life insurance specialists. .

Life Insurance defined

A protection against the loss of income that would result if the insured passed away. The named beneficiary receives the proceeds and is thereby safeguarded from the financial impact of the death of the insured.

The goal of life insurance is to provide a measure of financial security for your family after you die. So, before purchasing a life insurance policy, you should consider your financial situation and the standard of living you want to maintain for your dependents or survivors. For example, who will be responsible for your funeral costs and final medical bills? Would your family have to relocate? Will there be adequate funds for future or ongoing expenses such as daycare, mortgage payments and college? It is prudent to re-evaluate your life insurance policies annually or when you experience a major life event like marriage, divorce, the birth or adoption of a child, or purchase of a major item such as a house or business. We can help you with our Quick Life Estimator to deterimine the right kind of policy for you. Call 1-800-895-4918 to speak to one of our experienced agents.


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