Understanding Defined Benefit Plans

A QCI DB Plan is a defined benefit pension plan designed specifically to meet the tax savings and retirement income needs of people who are:

  • 40+ years of age. In general, the older you are, the more you can save each year.
  • Earning $75,000 or more annually. Depending on your age, you may be able to contribute as much as 80% or more to a DB plan.
  • Able to contribute a significant amount of earned income for 3 years or longer
  • Sole proprietor, LLC, s-corp or C-corporation

Quantum Capital Investments Inc. specializes in simplifying the set up and ongoing administration of defined benefit plans for small business owners as well as providing them with a wide array of investment options.

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401k Advice

Our advice is designed to educate plan sponsors in how to create and implement processes managing their fiduciary liabilities. In short, our goal is to help plan sponsors craft a plan of excellence for themselves and their employees.

401k Services:

401K Consulting Services

We have become one of Chicago’s best independent
consulting firms because we Maximize 401k Efficiency, ensure total plan costs are relevant and we reduce 401k risk.

401k Fiduciary Accountability

No matter how many advisors, committees, or board members participate in the decisions of running a 401(k) plan, ultimate responsibility for
 401(k) plan’s performance rests squarely upon the sponsor…

Plan Sponsors

Plan Sponsors have a multitude of tools at their disposal with our robust platform.  Most Plan Sponsors have access to the up to the minute account information.