Successful investing is only achieved by having a plan and consistently following the plan with utmost discipline. Disciplined investing is at the heart of the QCI portfolio management process that we execute for each and every client. Best of all, QCI makes it easy and simple and most important, automatic. Many investors make the mistake of chasing the latest and greatest hot stock or popular mutual fund after the financial markets have made new price highs.

Unfortunately, this strategy has caused the same investors to sell their investments for huge losses out of fear during a bear market when market prices are declining.

Professional investors sometime make similar mistakes.

QCI Professional Investors Have a Plan

By working with QCI and having a plan is critical if you want to achieve your financial dreams.

At QCI, your customized investment portfolio is based on decisions from a disciplined investment process. QCI attempts to use Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) whenever possible as an alternative to Mutual Funds to reduce the cost inherent in most Mutual Fund and variable annuity investment vehicles. Using ETFs also helps avoid unnecessary capital gains tax that occurs when investing in Mutual Funds. Unlike most Mutual Funds, ETF portfolios have demonstrated the ability to track performance benchmarks much better than the majority of actively managed Mutual Funds and actively managed accounts.

Success requires that you work with a QCI advisor to build a customized strategy that will work for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Your success will be realized only if you have a long term commitment to follow your customized QCI investment strategy and not be fooled by the up and down swings in market psychology and market prices. QCI knows that a long-term and properly diversified approach with a solid plan is the best way to helping clients get what they need from their investments. . Through the QCI financial planning process, we will have uncovered your tolerance for risk, your overall goals and time horizons, and create the right investment portfolio that will work tirelessly for you to help you achieve your retirement and investment growth needs. .

After working side by side with a QCI Advisor to create your personal investment growth and retirement strategy,QCI will continually monitor the portfolio and rebalance when necessary based upon your objectives, current economic conditions, tax law changes and the overall performance. Best of all, rebalancing and allocating to additional investments is done at no extra charge.