Looking for low cost high quality Mutual funds?

We work tirelessly to find the lowest cost high quality Mutual Fund investment options for you. We research thousands of Mutual funds and benchmark them for performance and cost so you don’t waste valuable personal time. Ask us about our lower cost Institutional share class Mutual Funds.

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Advantages of Mutual Funds

  • Professional management: Funds are professionally managed
  • Diversification: Portfolio diversification in a single investment
  • Cost & efficiency: Fees that are generally less expensive than investing directly in the individual securities the fund holds
  • Liquidity: Most funds provide daily liquidity-you can sell shares back to the fund for cash

Mutual Fund Tools and Resources

  • Mutual fund screeners: Help you find mutual fund investments that may meet your needs
  • Snapshots: Fund details including return history, top 10 holdings, expense ratio and S&P ratings, and Quantum Capital Investment opinion
  • Fund performance: Historical and total return comparisons to peers and the benchmark index

Industry-leading research: Expert opinions from Quantum Capital Investments, Lipper ratings, Standard & Poor’s and more.