Options presents a world of opportunity to sophisticated investors. The power of options comes from their flexibility. Options help investors adapt or adjust their investment position according to just about any market situation such as a bull market (rising market) a bear market (falling market) and even a flat market or sideways market where there is no clear market direction.

Options can be used for speculative investing or used as insurance to protect a portfolio from a bear market. This means you can do everything from protecting a position from a decline to outright betting on the movement of stock or index.

The flexibility of options does not come without a tradeoff. Options can be very complicated securities and can be extremely risky especially to the unsophisticated investor. At the request of sophisticated investors, QCI will make use of the versatility of options primarily for portfolio protection purposes in times of a bear market. Our Senior QCI Advisors have over a decade of experience working with options in a variety of markets and and can assist you in leveraging these complex instruments.

Disclaimer: Options involve risks and are not suitable for everyone. Option trading can be speculative in nature and carry substantial risk of loss. Only invest with risk capitalCertain requirements must be met to trade options. Please read the options disclosure document titled “Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options” before considering any option transaction. A Separate client agreement is needed when using options. Please note that you will also need to be pre-approved prior to implementing this strategy.

Competitive Options Pricing

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Tools and Resources

Work with a QCI Advisor on implementing the right options strategy for your portfolio. Our Senior Advisors have decades of experience in using options in a portfolio to attempt protectection of your portfolio during bear markets and to potentially enhance overall portfolio returns with additional sophisticated options strategies. Learn alongside a QCI Advisor as he explains how our QCI professional money managers use options for a variety of market opportunities. Your QCI advisor will help you execute your option strategy on your behalf. Our online option trading service offers sophisticated resources to help you select th right strategy for your investment growth and retirement needs.

QCI offers sophisticated resources to help you understand these unique vehicles so you know which ones qualify your investment criteria right from your online account:

  • The Options Screeners help you quickly find the Option Chains you are looking for based on the criterias you create
  • Valuable and timely Options research from Quantum Capital Investments, covering stocks, futures and commodities delivered in a format that is easy to understand to help you make the right decisions about how to properly use options in your investment portfolio
  • Customizable charts to uncover technical analysis opportunities for making potentially high probability option investment decisions.
  • Relative Performance tools to compare securities by historical performance, Analyst ratings, earnings per share and current growth rates and other important fundamental analysis factors
  • Easy to understand online workspace layouts for quick research and analysis and uncovering investment opportunities
  • Ability to place various types of trading orders during and after market hours to react quickly when you identify investment opportunities
  • Cost-basis transaction details to help you determine the gain or loss on open and closed positions