Stocks are considered to be a riskier investment than bonds (fixed income), however, in exchange for this potentially higher risk, stocks offer the opportunity for capital appreciation and can potentially increase total return in a portfolio of stocks and bonds. Some stocks may also offer attractive dividends along with the potential to increase in value. Call us and ask us about our automatic stock dividend investing strategy for income and long term growth.

Advantages of Stocks and Dividends from Stocks

  • Can be used to provide additional income if they pay dividends
  • Historically higher rates of return
  • Liquidity
  • Breadth of choice across sectors, geographies and industries

Competitive Stock Pricing

Learn more about our competitive fees and commissions—including our No commission on option on over 100 ETFs and No Load Mutual Funds. Ask us about our “I”share class (Institutional Class) of Mutual funds that have lower inherent fees than any other class of Mutual Funds

Please remember there’s always the potential of losing money when investing in securities including the loss of investment principal.

Online Stock Research and Investing Tools

With QCI, your online brokerage account offers sophisticated resources to help you understand the investments that may meet your needs:

  • The Stock Screeners help you quickly find the stocks you are looking for based on the criteria you create
  • Valuable and timely research from Quantum Capital Investments, Thomson Reuters, Standard & Poor’s, delivered in the format you want to help you make the right decisions about your investments
  • Customizable charts show how your stocks or ETFs performance compares with popular stock market indices such as the S&P 500, the Nasdaq composite index and many more indices
  • Relative Performance tools to compare securities by historical performance, Analyst ratings, earnings per share and current growth rates
  • Easy to understand online workspace layout for quick research and analysis and investing opportunities
  • Ability to place various types of trading orders during and after market hoursto react quickly when you identify investment opportunities
  • Cost-basis transaction details to help you determine the gain or loss on open and closed positions