Quantum Capital Investment Service Options

 Whether you open a self directed investment account or would like to work alongside an experienced QCI advisor to better help you get the most out of your investments and retirement accounts, QCI is here to help you at every step.We have outlined just a few of the many benefits of working with a truly Independent Registered Investment Advisory firm with TD Ameritrade Institutional as the account custodian.

  • Complete Wealth Management Services Independent and conflict free Investment advice from Quantum Capital Investments and superb banking products from our chosed custodian TD Ameritrade Bank, including brokerage accounts, IRAs, checking accounts and CDs.
  • QCI leverages technology to help you easily keep track of your investments online. QCI provides free educational newsletters to help you get the most out of your investments and retirement accounts..
  • Hands on attention and personalized service. At QCI, your not just another number, you’re a partner because our success is completely dependent upon your success. We are a 100% Independent Registered Investment Advisor. Our client relationships run deep at QCI because we see and treat each client of QCI as part of the QCI family.
  • QCI makes your customized investment plan simple, easy and best of all automatic. Our automatic dollar cost averaging system and automatic rebalancing system will ensure your getting the most out of your hard earned money without any additional effort on your part so that you can enjoy life and focus on what you do best.