A Single Account with multiple possibilities

A professionally managed private investment account that is rebalanced regularly and can encompass every investment vehicle (e.g. mutual funds, stocks, bonds and exchange traded funds) in an investor’s portfolio, all in a single account.

The unified managed account (UMA) is an evolution of the separate account, which is similar in that it is a professionally managed account which is rebalanced often but only contains one type of investment instrument (such as mutual funds). If an investor wanted to have a well-diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, and ETFs he or she would need to open three separate accounts. The UMA removes the need to have more than one account and combines all of the assets into one account with a single registration.

Call us and let us make your life easier with a Unified Managed Account.

Features of a UMA account

  • Access to balances, portfolio holdings, recent activity, and unrealized gains/losses
  • Online statements, confirmations, and tax documents
  • Easy downloads to Quicken® and Microsoft® Money
  • Customizable online performance reports, tools, calculators and tutorials

Manage your money from a single account

Write checks, pay bills online, get quick access to cash at no charge with a your new debit card, making your finances easier to manage.

  • Single loginaccess and easy fund transfers between your Brokerage account and personal accounts.