Benefits of Transferring Your IRA

Simplified IRA Management

It’s easier to track your progress and make more informed investment decisions when your retirement savings are visible all in one place.

IRA Transfer:  No fees

Annual custodial and maintenance fees are waived for Quantum Capital Investment IRAs and brokerage accounts. Call us at 1-800-895-4918 to speak to an account specialist free of charge.

IRA Investment Choices

QCI uses a variety of Low cost no load Mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds, and investment grade bonds that can provide you with the best and lowest cost diversification investment portfolio options. A QCI investment advisor can also provide you with access to competitive money market savings and CDs offered by TD Ameritrade Institutional Bank. As a client of QCI, you’ll have access to an array of investment and banking products all in a single place for better tracking and hassle free access and review. .

IRA Transfer:  Easy access to your money

 You have 24 access to your money at any TD Ameritrade bank branch near you or with your debit card at any ATM. You can also set up wire transfers online to any bank account of your choice. When you’re ready to retire, you can easily access your retirement accounts and have a QCI Investment Advisor help you create a customized plan for regular distributions to meet your retirement income needs.