Working With a Registered Investment Advisor

Registered Investment Advisors do not work for commissions on trades or Mutual Funds like most Financial Advisors at leading brokerage firms. The RIA fee structure is simple, transparent, and easy to understand, and it gives us an incentive to grow your assets. Whether you need help with retirement planning, a tax situation, estate planning, or managing assets at multiple places, it’s fundamentally important that your advisor truly understands you, your goals, and your situation. At QCI Inc. we are in a position to do that and pride ourselves on having strong personal interaction with our clients and being dedicated to their needs.

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Business Owner Tax Savings with a Customized DB and 401k Plans

Our QCI DB Plan is a defined benefit pension plan designed specifically to meet the tax savings and retirement income needs of people who are 40+ years of age. In general, the older you are the more you can save each year for huge tax savings. You may even be able to contribute as much as 80% or more to a DB plan. With Income tax rates on the rise, a DB Plan can be a better solution than the traditional 401k, SEP IRAs, or IRA. Quantum Capital Investments Inc. specializes in simplifying the set up and ongoing administration of defined benefit plans for small business owners.

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Why should I Work With an RIA ?

Our advice is to work with a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that does not collect commissions from the investments proposed or from trading transactions, is not affiliated with a Brokerage Firm, and instead uses a 3rd party Custodian Bank (like TD Ameritrade) to hold your investments. Most fee-only, non-commission advisors are more likely to propose low-fee funds given that they do not receive commissions. Additionally, RIAs are Fiduciaries and need to put their client’s interest first before their own (unlike brokers). Over time and due to compounding, a 1-2% additional fee can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars that end up in someone else’s pocket from your IRA or retirement account.

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Customer Feedback

John is a true professional. Not only does he posses an incredible aptitude for managing his clients financial matters, but he executes in a fashion and with a timing that consistently ensures that these matters are represented appropriately. I highly recommend John to those looking for the highest level of financial advice and diverse needs.

“This testimonial is not Indicative of future performance or success.”

Mark Tinley, IT Consultant