Is Your Financial Advisor a Fiduciary? (And Why You Should Care)

John F. Henek Financial Planner Tel: 708-267-0627 Some of you many have seen Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” over the holidays.  In the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio makes a fortune by charging his customers up to 50% commissions on buying and selling penny stocks.  While many think this behavior is a thing of […]

Why over 85% of Americans will Retire in Poverty… And How to Avoid a Miserable Retirement

Article By John Henek – Financial Planner Quantum Capital Investments Today we live in a world where we are 100% accountable for the lifestyle we lead and the impact on our financial condition 10 years from now. Your financial well-being is almost entirely based on your habits, and the outlook is very bleak. Back in […]

Fiscal Cliff In Plain English !

Article by Tim Parker, Repost by John Henek Alright folks, Here is an article that will clarify what the Fiscal Cliff is and how it may impact you. For Financial Strategies to help you reduce any potential tax hikes give me a call for a free financial planning consultation at 708-267-0627. Higher taxes can be […]

Taxes and Investments- How To Invest With Taxes in Mind

By John Henek The market is hopefully starting a year-end rally as the index charts look like they are in bullish set-ups.  Unfortunately the market is being held hostage to every whiff of “fiscal cliff” news coming out of Washington and things could reverse in a hurry if the wrong news hits.  This is a […]

In Service Withdrawals From Your 401k, Why They Might Make A Big Retirement Difference

By John Henek, VP Investments What a difference a month makes.  Last month we were talking about the great rally in stocks.  This month the markets are taking a breather due to some poor earnings news and general fear regarding the slowdowns in Europe, and China. There is a seasonal tendency during the fall […]

Focus on Fees: How Much are You Really Paying Your Managers?

By: John Henek, VP Investments As we sit in our offices today, the market has rallied hard due to “Helicopter Ben” Bernanke’s pledge to air-drop a flood of money into our economy.  Look forward to more of the stock market rally that started in 2009.  While this makes us feel a lot better to […]

Woops……They Better not Ask for Another Bailout!

Barrons Article By Michael Aneiro The disclosure late Thursday of a surprise $2 billion trading loss at JP Morgan (JPM) has sent the bank’s shares sharply lower Friday and has pushed stocks broadly lower as well. It’s not helping financial bonds, a onetime super-safe sector of the investment-grade world that has struggled to regain confidence […]

Outsourcing 401ks to a Fiduciary, The Next Big Thing

Michael Chamberlain, Contributor Outsourcing is the hiring of a consultant from outside the company to complete a task or provide a service that they are better suited to do then your own employees. Many small to mid sized plans are beginning to outsource 401(k) fiduciaries. Companies outsource many services, including payroll, auditing, marketing, legal defense, building […]

Will “Rome Burn” ???

Will “Rome Burn” While Bernanke Plays a Tune on His Saxophone? Fed-watchers of late are beside themselves.  Every twitch or syllable out of place from a Fed governor sends the market into a spiral, either up or down.  Ben Bernanke has never been more popular, as he deftly moves from Congressional hearings to speeches, and […]

7 Reasons to Consolidate your 401(k) and IRA Accounts

7 Reasons to Consolidate your 401(k) and IRA Accounts 1. Consolidate assets are easier to manage – You can end administrative hassles if you consolidate your accounts. You only need to change address with one provider instead of several. You only have to remember one website login and password to change investment choices. Having the […]